Experience a Seamless Enrollment Process at Shining Star Montessori - Preschool:

1. Introduction & Information:

Begin your journey by contacting the school to schedule a personalized tour. Call us at (714) 696-1241 to book your appointment.

2. Campus Tour:

Book a tour during weekdays to witness the uninterrupted work cycle, a distinctive feature of Montessori education. Your visit will begin with a comprehensive tour of the school, followed by an opportunity to engage in discussions and address any queries with our Director. Children are more than welcome to accompany you on the tours.

3. Submit Your Application:

Join us for an immersive tour of our beautiful Montessori environment. Witness children engaged in learning activities while our team answers your queries and presents our classroom settings. If you haven't received an application beforehand, one will be provided during the tour. Explore our various class options and schedules.

4. Enrollment Application and Registration Fee:

After your tour, expect to receive an electronic enrollment application along with a payment link via email. Alternatively, a hard copy of the application will be provided during your visit. Complete the application, submit the registration fee, and return it to admin@rmakids.com. Your enrollment will be confirmed upon receipt of the registration fee and completed application. Please note that the enrollment fee is non-refundable unless your child is placed on a waiting list exceeding a year.

5. Registration Packet:

Once we've received your registration fee and enrollment application, we'll reach out to you to pick up your registration packet. Please ensure the packet is returned 3-4 days before your child's anticipated start date to allow sufficient time for review and processing.

Request Personalized Tuition Information

Program tuition rates are program-specific. Fill out this form to obtain accurate and personalized tuition information for your child.

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© 2024 Shining Star Montessori - Preschool. All right Reserved. Design & Developed by Chamli Media Lab, LLC