Toddler Curriculum

Step into Our Dynamic Toddler Curriculum, Ages 18 Months to 2 Years

Explore our carefully crafted program, designed to meet the unique developmental needs of toddlers. Stimulate cognitive, language, motor, social, sensory, and practical life skills in a nurturing and engaging environment, specially created for your little ones.


  • Assembling a simple puzzle
  • Matching geometric shapes
  • Distinguishing same from different
  • Tracing & matching shapes
  • Matching numbers
  • Identifying objects belonging to a specific group
  • Focusing on a moving object
  • Matching objects & pictures by concept


  • Naming ten basic parts of the body
  • Retrieving a named object
  • Naming pictures in a book
  • Naming colors in a color booklet
  • Beginning basic counting
  • Naming objects starting with the same phonetic sounds
  • Naming & matching objects and cords
  • Acting & taking away identical objects
  • Practicing like phonetic sounds


  • Sliding clothespins onto a rim
  • Placing objects "in" & "out"
  • Putting objects in & out of a pocket booklet
  • Placing & removing lids
  • Unwrapping objects
  • Picking up objects with magnet
  • Putting pieces in & out of a puzzle
  • Stringing objects
  • Transferring objects using the pincer grasp
  • Transferring from one container to another


  • Exploring fraser bags in a group
  • Imitating facial expressions
  • Passing on object back & forth
  • Watching & imitating body movement
  • Listening to & following directions
  • Identifying & naming others
  • Making music as a group
  • Matching photos to people
  • Sharing materials
  • Recognizing feelings


  • Identifying colors in color booklets
  • Matching pairs of objects by color
  • Identifying the 10 basic of the body
  • Identifying objects by feel
  • Taking a theme walk
  • Matching objects by pattern and texture
  • Working with modeling dough
  • dentifying "loud" and "soft" sounds
  • Identifying sources of sounds
  • Identifying smells

Practical Life

  • Wiping up spills
  • Sorting & matching utensils
  • Sweeping up
  • Self core
  • Cutting soft food into pieces
  • Serving food
  • Pouring beverages into another container

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© 2024 Shining Star Montessori - Preschool. All right Reserved. Design & Developed by Chamli Media Lab, LLC